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The Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Ottoman Palaces… the grand sights of Istanbul pull with an Oriental flavor on a romantic traveler’s heart strings. But Turkey is far more than it’s big ticket tourist sights.

This year BootsnAll named Turkey one of it’s Top Value Destinations for Canadian Travelers. What that also means is that it’s an excellent value for those traveling with Australian money, US Dollars or Euros in their wallets.

2016 is a great year to visit Turkey and

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10 Days in Turkey: Itinerary IdeasTurkey has a lot to offer and 10 days in the country are not enough to visit too many places. This itinerary leaves out the beaches and focus on Istanbul , Cappadocia and the ancient sites of Ephesus, Troy and Hieropolis.

Itinerary assumptions:

You will be flying into Istanbul and out of Izmir You will be using the buses and trains to get around Turkey, but a rental car is also a good idea for the time spent visiting
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3 Days in Istanbul: Itinerary IdeasThere are plenty of things to do in Istanbul and having only three days to visit the city means you’ll either be cramming in a lot in a limited time or take things slower and visit some of the important sights. This itinerary starts off with cramming a lot of sights during the first day, but offering a more relaxed approach for the other two days.

Itinerary assumption:

You will be flying in and out of Istanbul
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Best Greek & Roman Ruins in TurkeyThe region of Antalya , also known as the Turkish Riviera, has some of the best preserved Greek and Roman ruins in the world. Unfortunately, they tend to be overlooked by most visitors, but those who take the time to plan a visit are impressed with the well preserved ruins. Also, some of the sites are quite off the beaten path so you can explore them without bumping into fellow travelers at every step. Turkey is also the place

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What to Eat in Turkey: Famous Turkish FoodsThe Turkish cuisine is one of the greatest cuisines in the world. While influencing plenty other cuisines in the countries the Ottoman Empire formerly occupied, the Turkish cuisine reflects the country’s history. The varied climate allows for almost everything to be grown within the country.

Contrary to what you might have experienced, Turkish cuisine is not spicy, unless you visit the Southern part of the country, which has a strong Middle Eastern influence. Lamb used to be the most important meat

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Getting from Istanbul to Greece

by Cristina on February 6, 2012

Getting from Istanbul to GreeceTurkey and Greece , once foes, now friends and always bordering each other…two countries which have similar cuisines and cultures. In some parts of Turkey you can swear you are actually in Greece…and the opposite is exactly the same. Thanks to being so close to each other, many travelers plan to visit both countries during their vacations. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to travel between Istanbul and Greece. Choosing the right one for you depends on

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